DJ-ing since late 2000's Deplin is one of the remaining few Romanian entertainers who run with a bright torch for the roots of house music, for those soul touching electric guitars and funky basses, those caressing disco vocals and that humanised swing of the drums, just like it all came to fusion in the early 80's, while keeping a modern and punchy energy to his sets in the most natural way possible.

To Daniel music is not only a pretext to play his decks, to entertain the world or to make an impression on those beautiful girls lurking around the booth, but also a way of fully living, taking his beats everywhere he can. He listens to music when he cooks, when he's trekking or spinning, jogging or sleeping, sex or whatever else he does music must be present. Rumour has it that Mr. Deplin is not really a person, but more of a complex wave of positive energy who has taken human form just to deliver us from this cold industrialized society to those peaceful and joyful fields of our inner paradise. Even more, as much as far fetched it may seem, the spiritual state he emanates resembles the ones of celestial entities during the creation of Earth, so you can bet by having him as proof that House music has been, still is and will always be God's music.