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Daniel Deplin pursuits the best ways to keep elevating the vibrational state of the people using twisted jazz chords, vocal chops, funky guitars and mystic melodies. His music restores the state of joy through African and Latin music. By bringing the sounds of nature to the music scene, people are carried to other parts of the globe through organic, natural vibrations, harmonized to the beat of the heart. Sometimes he blends in some personal fragments of happiness cooked along with his friends in the studio.

He creates a complete session of harmonious movement on Deep, Funky, Afro House, Mystic, Ethnic, Downtempo, Chillout, Ambiental rhythms, sprinkled with Disco and Funky influences, with countless moments of intensity and depth.

Daniel Deplin started his musical career in 2009. He mixed along with artists like Dj Kool, Adrian Eftimie or Anhanguera, and in 2016 he started the musical production with the song "Crazy Love". The musical variety and adaptability of Daniel Deplin creates a dynamic and vibrational experience that elevates people's mind, body and spirit. His experience includes parties and events like Sons Of Gaia, Daydreaming, Electric Castle & Neversea Festival.

Daniel has a great passion for hiking in nature, sports and exploration. With his innate charm, he manages to make his presence felt, to arouse smiles and joy. His passion for a healthy life and reconnecting people with nature inspire him for making strong connections between people.

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